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with Daddy-long-legs

big butt. lots of butts. summer!

Chloe and Paige.


; the super fun thing when you were a kid but this is something that makes you hesitate to do it when you’re getting older.

girls. girls girls girls. 

Anonymous asked: 반가워용


I’m pulling my hair all the time when this time comes.

naming my drawing is not easyyyy

red/black, highheels and leggings. 

what are your thoughts on highheel?

Well, I’m not an woman who would wear highheels with a bathing suit :p 

'Everyday people'

As I’m getting older, this song feels different to me (in a good way)

Headless body drinking beer. 

Summe Breeze and penny cruising. 

excuse me 

playing on a swing.

I’m getting more interested in printing world recently. So excited to get to know the printing world! 

그네타는 여자. 

요즘 인쇄소, 인쇄과정에 눈이 갑니다. 종이 냄새, 잉크 냄새, 기계돌아가는 냄새 맡으면서 열심히 한 번 배워보고 싶네요.

새가위 그림으로 만들어 본 패턴.

혹시라도 패턴을 사용하고 싶은 분들은 제게 알려주세요.

Made a pattern with my birdscissors.

Let me know if you want to use this pattern. 

I would like to have a Bird Scissor.

I hate getting cut by scissors but I like how sharp they are.

Scissors all about sharpness!