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Monkey pose and Triangle pose.

Check out my instagram for the different version of these two. 

Is she doing freeze? or Side plank?

Either way, she’s looking good so I’m happy.

All-time Spring pattern FLORAL 

Get dressed floral from head to toe 

Hairstyling for my girls.

Lurking on lookbooks…

Too many beautiful things dancing on the lookbook. 

희망고문이지만 그래도 즐거워.

Yogagirl solo with lines. Sit-Up pose gives me a lot of pain hahaha

Bending my body backward is way easier than bending my body forward. Isn’t this supposed to be opposite ? 

My yogagirls slowly growing up. Full camel and Uttanasana.

Line drawing 

messing with lines. 

I bought STAEDTLER’s 20pcs fineliner set the other day.

Always so fun to be at the Art supplies. I can make thousands of excuses if I can be at the Art supplies everyday even it’s just looking around. Something never changes. :p 

My Yogagirls. 

This is my first Black/White post. 

When I started drawing yogagirls, I didn’t plan on make it as a series. So I’ve been using different materials to coloring and that’s why I had to make the color tone down. Now I really want to make these yogagirls as a series, I might have to draw all of them all over again I guess. :p No biggie!

My eyes burning. Sometimes, thinking ‘nothing’ helps.

Nanananananana - rolling over and over

Good quotes makes a day. 

"We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift." Marilyn Monroe

Kid’s sending two thumbs-up to skaters. 

with the Kadence Distribution Colorway. 

saying Hi to the 2014 ! Happy (Lunar) New Year :D