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new materials colour playing

My first trip to California was all about eating american foods, drinking, shopping. 

Palm tree cruising

don’t be shy, just take his hand! the beginning. 

drawing leaves & testing out some new stuffs! 

with Daddy-long-legs

big butt. lots of butts. summer!

Chloe and Paige.


; the super fun thing when you were a kid but this is something that makes you hesitate to do it when you’re getting older.

girls. girls girls girls. 

Anonymous asked: 반가워용


I’m pulling my hair all the time when this time comes.

naming my drawing is not easyyyy

red/black, highheels and leggings. 

what are your thoughts on highheel?

Well, I’m not an woman who would wear highheels with a bathing suit :p 

'Everyday people'

As I’m getting older, this song feels different to me (in a good way)

Headless body drinking beer.